Portfolio: 2012

Making The Whole Requires All The Parts

There is something to be said about the place you take your first breath. A connection remains that is explainable only as the place where the heart belongs and an unending attachment lingers. As a South African expatriate these feelings are ever present, but the opposite also exists. It is difficult to accept that today the country is marred by underlying tensions, stemming from its deeply unsettling past, that surface in acts of unthinkable violence.

Consequently my work is concerned with the duality of a place – where the comfort of home exists parallel to fear and violence. My paintings stem from photographic sources representing the home, the everyday, the beautiful and the violent. Juxtaposing imagery that explores these dualities forms a narrative that creates tension through its disparate nature. Reconciling these images serves as a starting point for accepting it as whole – a country that is a work in progress.